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Spring Cleanup Options

 A spring cleanup can consist of many different options and services starting with a basic cleanup of leaves and winter debris, power raking or dethatching, aerating, fertilizing, overseeding, top dressing, tilling, pruning and more.

Knowing what your lawn and garden needs will help you make the right choice on what service(s) to choose.


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Basic Cleanups

A basic spring cleanup up is simply that, a cleanup. It is removal of the remaining leaves from fall, or all of the leaves if a fall cleanup wasn’t done. Removing the leaves from your lawn early in the spring is important to help prevent dead spots on the lawn by allowing the sun to access the grass underneath the leaves. When cleaning up the piles of leaves, be sure to watch for critters who may have used them for homes over the winter such as mice and snakes. Also watch for snow mold as some people can be allergic to it.

If you don’t want to clean up the leaves yourself, or hire someone to do it, You can mow and mulch them. It will generally take 2-3 mows to break up the leaves. Strong winds can break up and scatter the leaves off your lawn as well. There is a down side to doing it this way though. Because it generally means unhappy neighbours as the leaves tend to blow into their yards. It also leaves your lawn unsightly for a longer period. The plus side is that as the leaves break down and decompose, they release nitrogen into your soil which is essentially free fertilizer.

Disposal of Organic Debris

A leaf loader or debris vacuum make quick work of piles of organic debris

Organic material such as leaves, grass clippings and small branches should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly fashion. These items make great compost and can be used to amend the soil in your gardens and lawns. Therefore, choose a landscape contractor who either makes compost of of your organic material, or dumps it at a place that does.

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