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Tree Removal & Arborist Services

At Green Inspirations, we understand the value of trees to our environment, our outdoor spaces, and your property.

We also understand the dangers of damaged, dead, or dying trees that are near a house or other structure.

We are a licensed arborist company, with extensive experience in tree and shrub care and pruning.

You will get expert advice with helping you make those difficult choices of whether to remove a tree, prune dangerous branches, or leave it as is.

Knowing proper pruning techniques is important to deal with pests and diseases such as Dutch Elm Disease, Black Knot, and more, since often proper pruning practices can help the longevity and health of a tree.

If the only option is to remove a tree, we encourage our clients to plant another in its stead.

We also encourage our clients to plant multiple species of trees as this helps prevent the rapid spread of bugs and diseases such as the Emerald Ash Borer and Dutch Elm Disease.

dangerous tree removal

We also provide stump grinding as a combined or stand-alone service!

Owner Keith Kurian is also a certified chainsaw safety and cutting techniques instructor. We have trained a number of municipal, railway, other tree companies’ employees, as well as homeowners on the safe use of chainsaws and proper felling and cutting practices.

To book or inquire about a chainsaw safety course for you or your employees, please contact us.

So if you need a tree or shrub pruned or removed, a stump removed, or chainsaw training, we are your company!

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