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Stone & Wood Steps

We have solutions and options for most outdoor wood and stone step applications.

Being based in and doing most of our work in the Whiteshell area, we encounter a lot of rough, and steep terrain which often leads to the lake or river and requires outside of the box solutions to make the terrain user friendly, and visually appealing.

If you have a patio with an entrance to the house that is raised and do not want to do a traditional wood set of stairs, but rather have a stone entrance to match your patio, we do that as well!

paving stones, retaining wall, and stone steps

We offer options from 6×6 treated lumber with inset flagstone treads, to full stone steps. We have the tools and know-how to cut into and make use of our Canadian shield for the steps, as well as drilling into it to secure wood steps.

Our stone steps are built similar to retaining walls by using a compacted aggregate base, and then additional compacted aggregate within each step to support the next step.

Caps or treads are secured using a concrete adhesive, clean rock is used for drainage, and rebar is used for securing some stone and wood steps as well.

Our steps are anything but ordinary, and sure to wow everyone with their unique, and visually pleasing designs.

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