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Sod, Grass Seed & Lot Grading

At Green Inspirations we provide solutions for your newly built home or your existing yard and landscape.

We can grade your lot to city or municipal specs with the rough grade, but we don’t have to stop there like so many other contractors, we can finish it with topsoil, and your choice of grass seed or sod.

Our experienced staff can let you know the benefits and downfalls to each option, and help you choose which is best for you.

sod embankment

Some lawns are beyond repair, and the only option is to remove the existing lawn and soil, and replace it with new topsoil, and either grass seed or sod. When doing this, we remove 3-4” (7.5-10cms) of the existing lawn and soil, grade existing subsurface, then add a 3way mix topsoil, grade, roll, rake out high and low spots and re-roll again for proper compaction of soil so there is minimal settling after the sod or seed is installed.

If we are installing seed, we will lightly rake the rolled soil for the seed to sit in, apply seed at the manufacture’s specs, then re-roll the soil to compact the seed into it so it doesn’t wash or blow away as easily.

If installing sod, we lay the sod on the rolled soil, careful to keep the joints tight. We cut the sod to fit around corners and obstacles, and once it is all laid, we roll it to ensure that all areas of the bottom of the sod are in contact with the soil and that any air gaps are removed.

We do not add fertilizer on the soil before laying the sod as the topsoil we use is fertile and does not require this step. This step is more often done if the existing soil is tilled and reused to lay the sod, or if a lower quality topsoil is used.

Most lawns are not beyond repair, but can be repaired to a thick, lush, green lawn again through proper maintenance and the right steps to get there. It is not a quick or easy process, but we can guide in the right direction, and help you get your lawn back.

We also have the option of clover as a ground cover which has some benefits over seed and sod. Clover is very draught tolerant and requires no fertilizing as its roots produce nitrogen, meaning it will stay green all summer long, even when grass lawns are turning brown. Clover attracts bees and other beneficial insects. Clover does not grow very tall and needs to be cut far less then traditional lawns. There are other benefits, as well as some downfalls, so contact us to discuss your options.

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