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Segmental Retaining Wall & Garden Walls

We start by picking the right product for each job.

Retaining Wall

Segmental retaining walls (SRW’s) are generally designed and constructed for both function and visual appeal, and we take both very seriously when tasked with the job.

While retaining walls can be built with wood (treated lumber), they are not as versatile or long lasting as a properly built SRWs.

The base of an SRW is composed of a clean, angular aggregate (we generally use granite) at least 6” (15cms) deep, twice the width of the block being used, compacted and levelled.

Behind our retaining walls is drainpipe as well as up to 3’ (90cms) of clean, angular rock for drainage so water does not sit behind the wall.

We also use a biaxial geo-grid on every second course of the wall to keep the wall from leaning forward.

SRW’s are constructed to move with the frost and therefore typically only the caps are glued on with a retaining wall adhesive.

There are many style and colour options when it comes to SRW’s, let us help you pick the right block for your application.

Garden Wall

Garden walls typically use a smaller, and lighter duty retaining wall block then an actual retaining wall, or use smaller lumber such as landscape ties or 4×4’s due to the fact that they are generally lower in height, not retaining much behind them, and more for visual appeal versus changing grades or retaining a substantial amount of material behind them.

When building a garden wall either out of natural stone, manufactured concrete wall blocks, or lumber, we start with 4-6” (10-15cms) of compacted and levelled aggregate as our base.

Concrete wall blocks are held together with retaining wall adhesive, lumber with rebar and/or torsion screws, and natural stone can be with concrete or smaller stone to fill in the gaps.

If built for a garden, we can fill it with a quality soil, and do the planting design for you as well if you like.

rock slab wall
lakefront retaining wall complete
lakeside retaining wall

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