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Rip Rap & Riverbank Stabilization

With our water ways seeing more boat traffic every year, our riverbanks are eroding faster then normal.

By applying rip rap to your riverbanks, you slow down, and even prevent erosion.

Permits are required for rip rap placement. Depending on which waterway that you are on will depend on who you need to speak with about getting a permit.

Some places to start are Conservation, Manitoba Hydro Shore Lands division, and Water Stewardship.

Be sure to check your local regulations for type and size of rip rap that is permitted as well.

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Another great way to help stabilize your riverbank is by not removing the trees and shrubs that are currently growing there.

We know that this is not always an option as most people that buy water side property, want to have a view of the water, and not have it blocked by trees.

Be sure to contact the department that is in charge of your waterway before removing trees on the riverbank areas.

We have been asked on numerous occasions by homeowners to come and plant new trees to replace the ones that have been cut down without permission from the local waterway governing body.

If you are experiencing this, or plan to remove trees from your property, we can work with you in dealing with your local authorities and give recommendations on deep rooting shrub and grass options for riverbank stabilization.

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