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Landscape Enhancements

There are a lot of ways to raise the curb appeal and value to your property, and not all have to be as costly as a new patio with a fireplace and outdoor kitchen.

Below are some of the ways that our team of professionals can enhance your property.

landscape enhancements bar

Landscape Lighting

There are a lot of great options out there for lighting that offer safety as well beauty to a landscape.

Paver lights, ledge lights to accent your retaining wall, lighting that can illuminate your trees from the bottom of the tree or the canopy, walkway and driveway lights, solar lights, low voltage LED, etc.

landscape lighting

Riverstone or decorative rock features

This is a common enhancement that is relatively simple to install (depending on location), and requires just a few things, a quality landscape fabric, some sort of border edging, and the rock of your choice.

This is commonly used to border homes and buildings so that you do not have to mow and trim right up against them. They can also be added to garden features.

riverstone dry creek bed with edgers


Adding natural or coloured mulch to an existing garden bed, or around trees and shrubs is a great way to raise visual appeal, but it is also great for your plants and trees for a few reasons.

  1. Mulch retains water and will help your trees and shrubs be more draught tolerant.
  2. As mulch breaks down it releases nitrogen into the soil which is great for most plants and trees.
  3. It helps keep down the weeds that will compete for water and nutrients.
landscape enhancement mulch bed


There are many types of edging, and each has pros and cons to them.

Without getting into the details of each, there are:

  • flat strip plastic edging
  • concrete edgers such as i-con or granite edgers
  • natural rock or limestone edgers
  • concrete decorative curbing
  • landscape ties or 4×4’s
  • aluminum strip edging
  • simply edging the earth around your garden with a shovel of special edging tool
  • and more.

These are great options for bordering your home, driveway, gardens, play structures, etc.

landscape enhancement rock bed


Planting trees, shrubs, and flowers are great ways to enhance your landscape with additional colour and vibrance.

Plants are known to calm people and have so many positive effects on humans, animals, and the environment.

We always recommend trying to plant multiple species, stay within our hardiness zone, and use native plants where possible.

landscape enhancement small flower bed

Water Features

Often when people think water features, they think of large waterfalls and ponds.

While those are great and definitely look amazing when built right, they are not the only option.

There are pondless waterfalls, fountains, bubbling rocks, and so much more.

All water features require maintenance, but some far less then others.

We’d love to help you pick the right choice for your landscape.

bubbling rock water feature

Raised Gardens

Whether building a garden for edibles, or just for colour, raised gardens are the way to go.

We can build them out of wood, natural stone, manufactured concrete wall blocks, and more.

Being raised makes weeding easier, keeps a lot of weeds seeds from blowing in, gives you more control on your soil quality, among other benefits. 

Cedar raised gardens with trellis

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