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Interlocking Paving Stones & Flagstone

At Green Inspirations we provide a number of options for your driveways, walkways, and patios.

We use the highest quality products, meet or exceed industry standards, and are always looking for ways to improve efficiency to save you money. Our staff and management are trained in safe work practices specific to the tasks they are doing, as well as other training and certifications such as ICPI certification, product specific training from companies such as Belgard, Barkman, and Borgert Products, and more. We do not have the mentality that just because something was done a certain way for a long time means it’s the right, or only way to do it, but we love to learn and to adopt new, better ways of doing things. We will help you pick the option that will best suit your style, needs and site-specific requirements. From natural flagstone, manufactured flagstone, interlocking pavers & slabs, the right type of base material and edging, polymeric sand, and sealers, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to make your choices easier.

beautiful brick driveway

Our paving stone bases start at 6” (15cms) in depth for foot traffic areas, and at least 12” (30cms) for vehicular traffic areas.

We generally use what is known as a “clear or clean” base which means that we use an aggregate that is angular in shape, and has little to no fines in it, generally crushed granite.

The biggest advantage to a clean base is that the water will drain though it to the subsoil, and not sit in the fines of the base.

This is especially important in our freeze/thaw climate where frost heaves are the norm.

Under our base we use a 5oz fabric to keep our base material separate from the native subsoil.

We compact our base in lifts according to the rating of the compactor that we are using.

Once the pavers, slabs or flagstone is installed, we use the best type of edging suited to the individual project to keep the pavers in place, and we will either sweep into the joints a polymeric sand, or if flagstone with larger joints, we have the options of using rock or soil and seed between the joints.

We will build for you the look and appeal you desire, combined with the long lasting quality of a properly constructed base, and interlocking paving stones.

Increase the value of your home by turning your gravel driveway into paved.

Enjoy the summers sitting on the patio, whether it’s in the middle of the forest or by the lakeside, with plenty of space for everyone.

Make shoveling easier in the winter with a smoother surface to glide your shovel over.

bridgewood octagon patio

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