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Equipment Services

At Green Inspirations we are more than just a landscaping company. We have our equipment available for hourly work, and for a variety of different services.

Skidsteer/Track Loader

With our powerful skid steer, combined with an experienced operator we can:

  • grade your lot on your new build
  • remove or relocate large rocks and boulders on your property
  • clear a lot of trees, stumps and debris
  • add and spread gravel on your driveway
  • load pallets and materials
  • and so much more

Hourly rates are Start at $90 per hour plus travel.

skidsteer grading services


With our small, zero tail swing excavator, we are able to get into tight places for a variety of work including, but not limited to:

  • existing or new foundation excavation
  • stump and rock removal
  • placing of rip rap
  • digging of ditches and swailes with our laser equipped excavator
  • grave and urn excavation
  • demolition work
  • and more

Hourly rates start at $90 per hour plus travel.

mini excavator services


With our versatile tractor and assortment of attachments we can get into tighter places that our skid steer cannot and provide a number of services with it, including:

  • brush mowing
  • garden tilling
  • moving of materials
  • driveway rejuvenation
  • and more

Hourly rates start at $75 per hour plus attachment and travel.

brush mowing

Dump truck/trailer

With our smaller dump truck, or gooseneck dump trailer, we can get into tight spots and haul those smaller loads that the big guys do not want to do.

We can haul up to 6 yards of material on our dump trailer and will haul loads as small as you need.

We can remove debris, garbage and brush from your property as well as bring materials in.

Hourly rates start at $80 per hour.

Check out our Material Supply & Delivery to see what materials we generally have in stock.

rock delivery
woodchip mulch delivery

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